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Chapel, Harvest, Loft, Sanctuary, Woodforest

If you’re looking to serve from a remote location or the comfort of your home, volunteering online lets you donate your time to reach farther. You can make a difference no matter where you are.

Church Online Moderator: Do you ever worship online? Are you on social media everyday checking your feed and commenting on posts? If so, you would make a great online Moderator! Moderators greet each person by name as they show up on the chat - especially anyone new, encourage ongoing discussion, and acknowledge prayer. Moderators are encouraged to make posts such as an invitation to leave prayer requests or simply asking a fun or thought-provoking question. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, you would be a blessing to those who attend our online worship services.

Digital Missionary: Individuals who are already active on their social media platforms, are involved in the church and have a heart for reaching people through technology can be trained to engage through our online platforms in a way that helps people grow.

Requested Time Commitment: Twice a month